Summer Course 2020

สไลด์เลื่อนอัตโนมัติทุก 3 วินาที กรุณาวางเม้าส์ไว้บนภาพ หากต้องการแช่สไลด์ค้างไว้เพื่ออ่านคำบรรยาย ขยับเม้าส์ออกหรือคลิกเม้าส์ที่จุดด้านล่าง เพื่อเลื่อนสไลด์ไปภาพถัดไป

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เมือง Christchurch และตำแหน่งที่ตั้งโรงเรียน


Studying abroad is a significant investment and a life-changing experience.


  • Cobham Intermediate has a strong reputation for its International Student Programme. Our International Department is professional and is dedicated to the care and attention of our students.

    We are very proud of our enriching ESOL programme. We have very dedicated and highly qualified staff that provide superb teaching, and use excellent learning resources.

  • International Students are warmly welcomed at Christchurch Girls’ High School and our International students thrive in an caring, supportive environment where the cultures of all peoples are celebrated.

    Our school has always believed in a holistic approach to education, academic progress must be balanced with the development of the whole person.

    We want our students to embrace excellence in everything they do.

  • Christchurch Boys’ High School is a single sex boys’ school honouring tradition with excellent teaching values and celebrating success in a school environment that cares for student welfare.

    The school recognises the value of cultural diversity and strives to meet the learning needs of a wide range of students in the classroom and on the sports fields. The school focuses on boys’ learning and in preparing young men for life, teaching high standards and commitment.

  • Alpha Educational Institute (Alpha) is a specialist English language school. We are able to enroll from 8 – 80 years of age. We offer academic and general English language courses, including high school preparation.

    Alpha courses are taught by experienced, highly-skilled teachers with both tertiary and internationally-recognised TESOL qualifications. The school offers three core programmes including; High School Preparation for school-aged students, intensive English for adult students who wish to advance their level of English and/or prepare for any one of a number of International examinations in English (adult students study separately from high school students) and Teacher Training for those wanting to teach English to speakers from a non-English speaking background. Alpha guarantee to provide a positive, warm and friendly environment in which students can learn English fast and feel safe!

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